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Meel Mal.

I am a lover of pad  thai. An abuser of the word " groovy". A Buffy fanatic who can frequently be found rocking bell bottoms and cowgirl boots.

Most importantly- I am a mama to two of the grooviest gals on the planet- Sedona and Rosalee. Proud wife of a fat-biking Bigfoot believer.  And a photographer wildly devoted to creating visual magic in Bath, Ohio. 

I started my photography company over a decade ago, when I began to take senior photos for upper classmates as a Sophomore in high school myself, and graduated to weddings, engagements, newborns, the whole enchilada. With every shoot, every new client, every captured image it became blaringly clear that I had found it- My Passion. My Purpose. And so my love affair  with creating unique, colorful images that hold up the mirror and show people how incredibly beautiful they truly are began.

The rest is a Tale as Old As Time.

Girl Meets Camera. Girls Falls For Camera. Girl becomes a Photographer.

I am a chaser of light, a lover of laughter, and devoted fan of all things whimsical- and my photographs are a reflection of that. I'm a firm believer that the perfect photograph isn't about "perfection" at all- but about capturing The Real. The Goofy. The Absurd. The Wild. The Messy. The Moments that make us HUMAN. 


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